What is the name of your boat?

“Majuro” is the name of our boat.

Does your boat have an alcohol license?

Yes our boat is a licensed vessel and all “Laws and “Legislation will be enforced.

Is your boat fully surveyed?

Yes we are fully surveyed

Are your Skippers qualified?

Yes we have 3 family members who are qualified Skippers

Do your Skippers have experience in Fishing the Auckland Harbours?

Yes, our most experienced Charter Skipper has 35 years experience both on the Auckland and Kaipara Harbours

Where are the fish located?

This will depend on the customer’s comfort threshold, weather and tides.

Can we bring our own fishing rod and fishing equipment?

All service options have rod hire. Additional items can have an impact on your space and comfort. Please check with the Skipper before your sail date.

What if we cancel?

Please check our terms and conditions for cancellations.

Can we pay online?

Yes. Please follow our online booking system and process

What Clothing should we consider bringing?

YPPE Gear (masks and sanitizer) as per Government Covid 19 levels Sunblock and Hat, Clothing to suit all weather including a warm windbreaker and waterproof jacket.

What can we transfer our Fish in?

Chilly Bins: Empty chilly bins will need to stay in the car until we arrive home. Plastic Bags: Roll of Large plastic Bags to carry full fish back to the car 2 packets of 15 Large snap lock bags

Is Car Parking available?

The Westhaven – Zed Pier car park is pay and display. Cost is normally $32 per car but Early bird is between 4am and 7.30am and charged @ $25 per car park if you have the INUGO APP for up to 10 hours. Please Park in the white car-spaces designated for customers and ensure you take your car number plate number when using the parking meters.

Please see Ts and Cs below…

Terms and conditions:

Date requests, Confirmations, payments. 

Balances due – Balances are due on the day of request to lock in your charter date. This is transferable but not refundable. (Please note – Booking dates become an open and available booking if payments are not received in the allocated time frames). 

In the event of weather or Covid – 19 level changes, an alternate charter hire date will be discussed and offered; however, if the  customer cancels a charter in less than 2 weeks before the charter is to sail, “NO” refund will be offered. 

Approximate departure and arrival times: Day Fishing and team building: 0630 – 1430

Alcohol Policy  

This vessel is a “Licensed Premise” so all “Laws and “Legislation will be enforced. No spirits are permitted on-board the vessel, only BEER and WINE. 

The company recommends a maximum of 2 – 3 alcoholic beverages per person during a normal chartered day. The skipper may  ask that any excessive amounts of beer be removed from the vessel before departure. 

The charter could be canceled if this is refused without a refund. 



Health and safety – boarding MV Majuro 

Panapa Charters are guided by the Govts Health and safety guidelines and must be observed when fishing on board Majuro. 

All organizers of groups must inform the participants of all safety information and communicat this prior to boarding.

The Crew will deliver brief instructions on-board each at the start of the charter from their Skipper. 

During the charter, all participants will abide by rules and regulations set out by the Government, Maritime NZ, and Auckland City Council whilst and during the charter on-board any of our vessels. All participants read and understand ALL SAFETY SIGNAGE provided by all vessels whilst on-board and during the charter. 

All are FIT and WELL to take part in your booked charter. 

All organizers must ensure their participants disclose any medical condition to you including use of medication.

Collection of ALL MEDICAL information and GP declaration forms will be the responsibility of the company event organizer to  communicate and deliver to the Charter Crew. 

Participants may be required to provide a medical certificate from their GP on the day to declare they are fit, well and able. 

Please ensure these Health & Safety guidelines are given to ALL participants and that they read and understand their  responsibilities before boarding any of our vessels.

Behaviour on-board 

Any behavior on board the vessel seen to be disruptive, rude or dangerous to others and non-compliant will not be  tolerated by the Skipper and crew. 

In the event this occurs the charter will cease, and the vessel will be brought back to the marina. 

In extreme cases the water Police will be called to have the persons removed. 


All pricing on the website is subject to change

Loss or Damage: 

In the event hired rods, reel and fishing gear are lost overboard a payment of $200 will be compensated to Panapa Charters Ltd on the day.

In the event damage is caused to the vessel due to incorrect use or bad behavior or other, the damage will be reviewed and discussed with the customer and compensation paid to Panapa Charters.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard to support a fun filled day with friends, family, good food and fish. 

Yours gratefully, 

The Panapa Crew

Additional Services

Filleting – Panapa and Panapas famous filleting service 

(Please book in advance) 

Filleting is charged through Panapa Charters at $25pp for up to 7 snappers 

King fish $20pp per fish

Kahawai is charged at  $3 per fish

What to bring for self catering: 

  • Brekkie and lunch foods with snacks in between whilst drinking and a suitable amount of water. 
  • BBQ utensils
  • Foil and Foil Trays
  • Paper towels and serviettes
  • Paper plates and cutlery
  • Drinking cups
  • Oil spray
  • Salt, and sauces. 

Panapa Charters Catering option:

Brekkie: Bacon and Egg Croissant

Lunch: Panapas famous Burgers with a BBQ sausage.


We sell alcohol on board.